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New technologies mean new markets, where e-commerce is with no doubt the most promising tool for both old and new businesses.
Bitvark creates e-shops for companies of any size.
The client is free to manage easily the website and it is possible to add up many useful extensions as the Stock Management tool, the Customer Management application or the Invoice Management Tool.


Ethical E-commerce

CamminaLeggero produces cruelty free footwear and accessories. The shoes are strictly made with eco-compatible materials and entirely made in Italy.


As the Brand grew also did the needs for better tools to manage the company’s workflows, from the online sales to the customer care and logistics connected to the marketing of a high-end and complex product. CamminaLeggero e-shop, built using Drupal™ and Ubercart™, has been upgraded amid the growth of the Brand. The e-shop and its back-end have been designed to be further upgraded in the future, always keeping in mind the ease of use for its managers as paramount.

The fruitful collaboration with director Luigi Coppola, who shot a series of short films for CamminaLeggero 2014/2015 collection, brought a further slick element to the online presence of the Brand.

Bitvark has embarked in a tight collaboration with CamminaLeggero since its birth, we have since been following the Brand in its commercial and communicative strategies, creating the logotype, the website, several social marketing initiatives and offline campaigns.

The right tool for the right job: thanks to Drupal Commerce and Ubercart we are able to offer e-commerce solutions for business of all sizes, from the single product websites to the largest e-commerce. Both solutions are Drupal CMS based and therefore allow you to have highly functional e-shops along with the qualities of Drupal.

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