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Living the City in the Digital Era

The website for Pavia Bureau of Commerce is designed to promote shops and activities in the city of Pavia

#Pavialcentro contains all the informations about the city’s points of interest, including the cultural heritage, the commercial opportunities and the services the city offers.
All the POI are geolocalised through interactive maps overlaid with info graphics that make it easy to explore the territory from mobile and desktop devices.

Expo2015 has inevitably been a primary focus for the project, therefore Bitvark developed an API (Application Programming Interface) in order to make the website’s data available to other websites and applications. Such integration was created in respect of the Open Data philosophy and is now included in the E015 Digital Ecosystem. Thanks to this API the points of interest of #Pavialcentro, and all their details, can be seen and used in other touristic applications.

Bitvark has also created the marketing strategy for the launch of the website, enhancing the existing channels of the Bureau of Commerce - with a keen eye to Apps, Social Networks and Google AdWords - and creating offline material as banners and brochures.
In order to make such system complete Bitvark organised a series of short courses for the businesses and shop owners with lectures on the use of the new technologies for the online commerce.

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