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Bitvark provides your business with a range of tools to elevate your online visibility and a consultancy to define your online marketing strategy.


Web at the Service of Culture

IBC Irma Bianchi Communication is a Milan based agency that provides PR and Press Office services
for Art and Events.


Soon after IBC commissioned to Bitvark the new website, in 2012, the agency felt paramount to have the best position in search engine results and thus be among the first to be found by the most interesting customers. As IBC works in a highly competitive area, the strategy we advised spanned from Search Engine Optimisation to Search Engine Advertising.


To achieve a better position on search engines Bitvark revised the existing content and created new tailor-made pages for IBC website. Jointly we created and monitored a Google Adwords campaign aimed to increase the number of relevant visits on the website and make it appear as first result in the agency’s area of interest.

Thanks to this accurate strategy it has taken only six months for IBC to achieve first to third position on every keyword related to their core business and several semantically close ones.

Google AdWords is a revolution in the way advertising is made. Thanks to its great capillarity, its precise ability to define the target of the campaigns and the highly measurable results, AdWords allows to reach a large market with small investments.
Bitvark is specialised in the creation of national and international campaigns.
We like to walk the client through the creation of an investment strategy, setting up the campaigns and providing high frequency reports which guarantee a transparency on the results.

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