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Identity today needs to be fluid and at the same time consistent in order to be able to convey our ideas on a ever wider range of channels.
Bitvark grants the necessary know-how for newborn brands to flourish and for existing ones to relaunch themselves on the digital market.

# Corona Events

A sign for the Spectacle

Corona Events is a major reality for northern Italy theatre and performances. The company has a rich portfolio of suggestive proposals based on the use
of light, water and fire.

Corona Events appointed Bitvark to make a complete restyling of the company’s image:
a new logotype, a corporate identity and a new look for their website.
Organic projects like this are unique opportunities for our clients and for us:
they imply a deep analysis, a lot of brainstorming and a close client-agency engagement.

In the making process we were inspired by three key elements of the theatrical work of this company: water, light and movement.
We thus created a logotype which intends to encapsulate the flamboyant essence of the company’s shows in a few signs: it conveys movement through repetition, light and fire through a subtle game of transparencies, and it finally hints at water with its typography.

Bitvark’s experience in offline graphic design and in printing techniques guarantees a vast range of solutions through our designs. The resulting logotype is rich in media-related variants: thought for the use in prints - from business cards to banners - and in driven media, as well as in all digital contexts.

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